How to Get Rid of Raccoons on Your Property

Raccoons creep through lawns during the middle of the night, scavenging for food and warmth for shelter. They become problematic for many homeowners who are at their wits end wondering what to do to get rid of raccoons. Take a stance against raccoons and put the tip below to use to keep your property raccoon free.

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Make Your Lawn Less Inviting

If your lawn is unappealing to a raccoon, they’ll stay away. How do you make an environment that doesn’t appeal to raccoons? First, make sure all food sources are out of reach, including in trash bins and receptacles! Next, remove any trash from the property. And finally, make a less inviting atmosphere for raccoons by making certain pet food, berries and nuts, etc. are not scattered about the lawn.

Identify Areas of Infestation

If a raccoon has taken up home on your property, you may need professional help. The first step is to identify the location of the infestation. A raccoon is commonly found inside of attics and basements but can be anywhere on a property that is dark, quiet and comfortable. Once you know where the raccoons are living, getting them off of your property is much easier. You can better choose the right elimination method when you know their location.

Call a Professional

When raccoons infest your property, it may take professional service to get rid of them. If all else fails or you want a tried and true solution for raccoon elimination and prevention, call for raccoon control kalamazoo mi. It is a low cost service with huge rewards for homeowners ready to get rid of raccoons once and for all. There are several ways to rid a property of raccoons, all of which offer a humane solution.